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Caraíva, Bahia


CaraívaCaraíva is in the Southern end of Bahia, along the mouth of a river of the same name.

It is a small and rustic village 70 kilometers from Porto Seguro.

It is strung along the bank of Caraiva river and the sea. Caraiva’s Southern borders meet the National Park of Monte Pascoal. The village maintained its bucolic charm, with streets paved with sand and no light poles.

It seems time has stopped here. Cars are not allowed in.

Caraíva is plenty of nature’s beauties offering you lovely surprises as you allow yourself to see more of it.

New flavors, aromas and special sensations.

Feast your eyes with the scenery. Try out a new way of enjoying life immersed in nature, in harmony with the surroundings, the people and the rhythm of the tides

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To get here

By plane

The nearest airport is in Porto Seguro (Bahia – BPS).

From the airport, you can take a taxi cab or a bus.


By bus

Coach company: Águia Azul, daily buses from:

  • Eunápolis and Itabela: (073) 3281-3469
  • Arraial d’Ajuda and Trancoso: (073) 3575-1170

Check timetables.


By car

If you are driving from the South, you must take km 769 at BR 101, between Itamaraju and Itabela.

Turn right at BR 489 all the way to Monte Pascoal village.

You will drive for another 43 km on a dirt road, following traffic signs.


If you are driving from the North, turn right at km 51 of BR 367 (Eunápolis/Porto Seguro), until you reach the Trancoso intersection.

From there you will drive for another 32 km on a dirt road, following traffic signs.

When you get to Caraíva, cars are parked on the riverbank and you will need to cross the river by canoes to get to Caraíva on the other margin.

It is the perfect “rite of passage” for you to tune in with the local vibe.

Caraíva is more than a place. It is an experience.