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Our way of working

Respect and care for nature and community

nosso jeito na pousada lagoa

Pousada Lagoa is part of Caraiva’s history and way of life.

This is because of our respect for nature and how devoted we are in taking care of our environment and community.

Since its foundation, Pousada Lagoa studied and preserved the region’s construction style and techniques, always hiring locals as well as training them.

We protect a spring and a small lake, by testing and treating our water.

We preserve the integrity of the ground water by using cesspits with an evapotranspiration system.

The organic waste generated here is turned into compost for the garden where we have vegetable and local species.

But our real treasure at Pousada Lagoa is the people who live and work here.

Our core values include recognition and respect for our employees, local community development and constant capacity building of our team.

Such values are reflected in the friendly way our team treats our guests and friends.