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Guest house

There is a lagoon between the river and the sea

pousada lagoaAt Pousada Lagoa, every detail will contribute to making your experience in Caraíva unforgettable.

In the shade of the evergreen cashew tree lays the large lawn with a lake in the middle. Multicolored birds and bungalows with colorful, large windows surround the landscape.

We have 8 large and comfortable apartments, with the rustic charm of the local architecture style.

And we are standing at the best location in the village, between river and sea.

It is a special place where we also host weddings and other special events. It is the perfect scenario.

To make your experience even more complete, Pousada Lagoa also has a meditation, yoga and spa lounge for your delight.

Our cozy bar, right at the entrance is full of amazing flavors. Its architecture is based on the local style and built with local material.


Blue Bungalow

Blue is associated to tranquility, calm and peace. This color enhances one’s intuition and brings a sense of lightness.


Orange Bungalow

The orange color stimulates joy, courage, self-esteem and congeniality. It favors good relationships, regenerates emotions by creating wellbeing and extroversion.


Lilac Bungalow

Lagoa’s first bungalow is lilac. This color is related to spirituality. It brings balance and concentration.


Yellow Bungalow

The yellow color brings creativity and optimism, and lifts the spirit. It awakens our intelligence and mental activity.


White Bungalow

White is the color of peace. It is the perfect sum of all colors. It brings clarity, calmness and enlightenment.


Tree House

It is perfect for a family or group of friends. Imagine the sound of birds around you.