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Lilac Bungalow

Spirituality, balance and concentration

Lagoa’s first bungalow is lilac, a color related to spirituality that brings balance and concentration.

The Lilac Bungalow has two bedrooms with independent entries.

They can be rented separately or for larger groups of relatives or friends.

The front-faced apartment is 35 m²; it has a king-size bed and a single bed, air-conditioning, a minibar, a bathroom and a porch with a hammock, facing the lake and the trees.

It is perfect for couples, but can also accommodate a child or another adult.

The second apartment of the Lilac Bungalow is 55 m²; it has a queen size bed and three single beds, a minibar, a bathroom and a porch with a hammock.

It is a large apartment perfect for families with up to three kids or for a group of five friends.